Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnThe general surgical team carries out a full range of emergency and elective inpatient and day case surgery. 

The team comprises consultants, trainee doctors and nurse specialists. All consultants have extensive general surgical experience, coupled with strong interests in several specialist fields, including: colorectal cancer, upper gastrointestinal (GI) surgery, endocrine surgery, bariatric surgery and minimally invasive surgery.

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnThe department offers a wide range of investigations and treatment for benign and cancerous surgical diseases, with specialisation in lower and upper GI surgery (including for weight loss). The department also provides a range of interventions to treat diseases of the gall bladderand endocrine system (thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal organs). 

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnThe department has extensive experience in minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery. A variety of minimal invasive surgeries are performed, where appropriate, including laparascopic cholecystectomy, hernia repair, colonic resection and anti-reflux surgery. This augments the extensive range of cancer surgery taking place.

The team of consultant general surgeons lead a daily emergency surgery service.

Patient contact

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General Surgery
University College Hospital
UCLH contact centre
Ground floor north
250 Euston Road
Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuần London, NW1 2PG

Other referral information

NHS e-Referral Service (formerly Choose and Book referrals)

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General Surgery Service  Surgery - Not Otherwise Specified Endocrine surgery, lumps and bumps, Hernias

Access to patient results
Results will be sent by letter. However, if you need to contact us, please call 020 3447 9202 or email uclh.GISurgeryEnquiries@nhs.net   

Tertiary referrals
Our tertiary referrals come from North London and all over the UK. 

Referral address

General Surgery Service 
UCH Referrals Centre 
University College London Hospitals 
Ground Floor North 
250 Euston Road 
London NW1 2PG

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnWe care for patients with the following conditions: 

  • Symptomatic gall bladder stones
  • Inguinal hernias
  • Abdominal wall hernias 
  • Emergency diseases, e.g. abscesses of the trunk, chest and pelvis, appendicitis, acute pancreatitis caused by gallstones, bowel diseases

All patients are supported by a team of consultants, with supporting trainee doctors and clinical nurse specialists who coordinate the entire patient journey from diagnosis to treatment and subsequent follow-up or auxiliary treatment.

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuần Future outpatient consultation is arranged as needed, in consultation with the patient's GP.

Video for people with learning disabilities and autism

Visiting University College Hospital for surgery

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnThis short video guide for patients with learning disabilities and their carers explains what to expect when coming to hospital for surgery.

Patient feedback

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuần"I am very pleased with all aspects of the service I received, including the standards of medical and nursing care, the cleanliness and punctuality, and also that fact that I was treated with care and dignity, and that both important information and decision-making was shared with me."