Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnUCLH provides an audiological service for GPs who would like to refer patients for age related audiological assessments. The service is available at Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals, Edgware Community Hospital and Finchley Memorial Hospital. The service includes diagnosis, quantifying the degree of hearing loss, and rehabilitation of hearing impairment to limit participation restriction.

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnWe provide a comprehensive patient-centred service ensuring a high quality of clinical care is provided. Our diagnostic and rehabilitative services are an integrated blend of both outpatient and community-based care.

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Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals 
47-49 Huntley Street

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnHearing assessment (direct referral), hearing aid fitting and repair, re-assessments for current hearing aid users, walk in clinic for hearing aid repairs, age related hearing loss.

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnHearing aid follow-up in person or over the phone, drop-in repair sessions daily, a collection service for batteries, tubing, cleaning sticks and domes, review after 3 years and reassessment if indicated.