We provide a full range of specialist and general services for children and young people. Our services cover all age ranges but we particularly specialise in caring for teenagers. We have the largest teenage unit in the country offering outstanding facilities and a team of specially trained staff. We provide level 1 and some level 2 paediatric critical care for our inpatients at the UCLH site.

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnFor many of our services for younger patients we work very closely with our neighbours, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

Cancer services

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnWe are a designated cancer hospital (called a primary treatment centre) for a large number of children and young people diagnosed with a number of different cancers and blood disorders. We have the largest Teenage Cancer Trust unit in the country. We operate as a unified cancer centre together with Great Ormond Street and collectively form the largest children and young people oncology centre in Europe.

General services

Our children and young people's emergency department is temporarily closed as part of our response to COVID-19Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuần. We provide a full range of non-urgent general services, which include some specialist clinics such as asthma, allergy and epilepsy.