William McIntyre - Deputy Divisional Manager – Haematology, Late Effects & Young Adult Cancer Services

Email: William.McIntyre@nhs.net 

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnWe have a dedicated telephone line open to patients from 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday (apart from Bank Holidays).

The haematology telephone line: 020 3447 7359

Out of hours advice (emergency calls at evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays):
Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuần 0785 2220 900

You should call this number if you wish to relay a message to or speak with your Consultant Nurse Specialist.

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnYou should also call this number if you’d like to:

  • Confirm an appointment
  • Cancel an appointment at short notice
  • Ask about investigations and the timing of
  • Speak to a member of the Research Team
  • Discuss any other queries.

Hospital switchboard: 020 3456 7890

Ward T13 North: 020 344 71303 / 71325 / 71387

Ward T16: 020 3447 1600

Ward T14: Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuần020 3447 1486


University College Hospital
235 Euston Road

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnChemotherapy Day Care (Second Floor): 020 3447 9333 / 3893

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnAmbulatory Care (Second Floor): 020 3447 8695

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnSupportive Day Care (Fourth Floor): 020 3447 1808 / 9702


University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre
Huntley Street

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