Haemophilia is an inherited condition that affects the blood's ability to clot.

Normally, when you cut yourself, substances in the blood known as clotting factors combine with blood cells called platelets to make the blood sticky. This makes the bleeding stop eventually.

However, in haemophilia, there aren't as many clotting factors as there should be in the blood. This means that someone with the condition bleeds for longer than usual.

UCLH is a designated Haemophilia Centre, and provides a 24/7 service for patients, including those needing treatment with blood products and clotting factor medications.

Through specialist haemostasis outpatient clinics and inpatient referrals, UCLH provides expert care for patients with a diverse range of bleeding disorders including:

  • haemophilia;
  • von Willebrand Disease and platelet function defects;
  • other acquired bleeding disorders.

Patients with bleeding disorders may require treatment during acute bleeding episodes, but also treatment when undergoing surgery or during childbirth. We therefore provide support to patients across UCLH hospital sites and across many specialties, to ensure patients receive necessary treatment.​​​​​

Service management

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For all General & GP enquires regarding TTP please contact Jessica Blanchard on 020 3447 9884.

If you are a patient please call the Patient Telephone Line for all queries to your team: 0203 447 7359. Please note the line is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuầnOutside of the office hours (listed above) and for medical advice only, patients may call the haematology ward: 07852 220 900.


Department of Haematology
University College Hospital
3rd Floor West
250 Euston Road
Xổ số thứ tư hàng tuần London NW1 2PQ

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Email: Jessica Blanchard (PA) (ulch.ttpadminteam@nhs.net)

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Department of Haematology
University College Hospital
3rd Floor West
250 Euston Road
London NW1 2PQ